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Collaborative Quality and Compliance Management with SharePoint

Posted on: April 10, 2010

Organizations spend a substantial amount of money and resources, for executing new techniques to perk up their operating performance with improved quality inputs while aligning to compliance regulation. Continual optimization and improvement of the quality and compliance processes needs the implementation of a technology or solution platform that is capable of providing a collaborative environment with the right types of tools provided to the end users. Through this collaborative environment, management can set up goals and objectives which are trickled down to specific quality and compliance teams. End users can use these tools  to initiate and collaborate on new ideas, share knowledge and information, and allow  for the best and feasible quality and compliance improvement ideas  to  roll  up  to  the  management,  from  where  it  can  be  formally implemented and integrated within the existing processes.

Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration platform for Quality and Compliance management

We can easily identify the gaps in the Quality and Compliance model which is because of a vertical approach rather than a more effective horizontal approach. A horizontal or flat approach can make the process lean and hence makes room for cultivating innovation and improve the Quality of the work because of effective collaboration and adherence to compliance standards.

SharePoint assure a comprehensive quality and compliance Management application for managing and communicating the best practices through Shared knowledge, workflow notification and collaboration with high level of application security.

SharePoint’s familiar user interface and seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications provide a familiar environment for users. SharePoint reduces complexity, lower implementation costs as well is accountable for lowering the ownership cost in of and far lower costs of ownership than alternative quality and compliance management systems built on proprietary, legacy platforms.

SharePoint provides the important collaboration features like advanced document and picture management, surveys, wikis and discussion boards. SharePoint provides a very simple but comprehensive framework to manage Compliance and quality management processes effectively and contextually.

Organizations  need  a  process  that  enable  continuous  improvement  in Quality   and  Compliance  processes  and  be  capable  of   providing   a collaborative environment with the right types of tools provided to the end users.

SharePoint is an ideal platform for Quality and Compliance management by providing  a  very  simple  but  comprehensive  framework  to  manage  the processes very effectively and contextually. It makes collaboration effective by  introducing  simple  horizontal  approach  instead  of  the  conventional vertical approach.


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